Felon Liar on Probation Bernard Kerik requests Early Termination ofSupervised Release

February 3, 2015

Felon Liar on Probation Bernard Kerik requests Early Termination of Supervised Release

In a quiet submission to the Southern District of New York USA v Bernard Kerik, Bernie Kerik attorney Timothy Parlatore (Payne) has requested early termination of Bernard Kerik’s supervised release. On what grounds does felon liar on Probation, Bernard Kerik, deserve early release? I’m scratching my head, studiously rubbing my chin and scouring my recent memory of Bernie Kerik et al harassment/threats to determine what the hell he has done or achieved to deserve what other felons normally do not!

In the eight page motion filed today, February 2, 2015, Parlatore attempts to make the case for his libel-proof client, Bernard Kerik.

He claims felon liar Bernard Kerik has been on supervised probation for fifteen months. Bernie Kerik has apparently been unable to find anything but “part time” employment because of his probation status. I know several “consultants” who work “part-time” and enjoy a lucrative income! Let’s see the financials on that, Timmy!

Poor Bernie. Well, to that I tell Bernie Kerik what a liberal paper-pushing social worker once told a good friend of mine, “McDonald’s is hiring”! They are even raising minimum wage, Bern! It’s amazing Bernard Kerik can appear on as many as three nationally televised media news outlets in one day but never be compensated? Could that be the case? Kidding me, Right? It amazes me Bernie Kerik can be all over NYC and Washington DC in tailored suits, live in a $2 million dollar estate, only work part-time and have an attorney who wants sympathy and a favor from the country Bernard Kerik cheated? Really, Timmy?

Bernard Kerik, during our almost daily communication over the three years he was incarcerated, sent me a list of supporters he wanted to thank when he was released from Cumberland MD FBOP. Look at Bernard Kerik’s list of “connection” in his network! They include but not limited to: Geraldo Rivera, Al Manzo husband of Caroline Manzo of Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, Sylvester Stallone, Rep. Peter King, Chris Ruddy owner of  NewsMax, Mitchell Modell of Modell Sports Franchise, Cindy Adams of the New York Post, Bo Dietl and many NYPD buds, on and on…Bernard Kerik has over 2000 contacts on Twitter and Facebook as well as 500 “connnections” on his LinkedIn! If he can’t find a great full-time position doing something, the rest of us are lost in America! I hope Judge Preska of the Southern District NY takes a good look at the jobs Bernard Kerik claims he was “refused”. In my opinion, Bernard Kerik should have thought of that when he was making secret deals, cheating on his wife and country, violating Judge Robinson’s order to shut the f up!

Bernard Kerik supporters www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com

Parlatore goes on, in the motion, saying Bernard Kerik has been diligently paying his $250.00 monthly toward his imposed $187,000.00 restitution to the United States. That would mean Bernard Kerik truly hasn’t paid his debt to society, On this point, alone, Bernard Kerik should NOT be granted early release!

Bernard Kerik restitution USA v Bernard Kerik www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com
Bernard Kerik restitution USA v Bernard Kerik www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com

Of course, there is no mention of Bernard Kerik’s defamation of Joe Tacopina and that case currently pending for jury trial where it is alleged Bernard Kerik violated a protective order of the courts file leading to his obvious intentional defamation of  his former friend and lawyer, Joe Tacopina!

There is also no mention of Bernard Kerik’s “trouble free” supervised probation because I’m one reason he violated his “home confinement” early on in July, 2013! I suppose threatening someone to “destroy your life” is not such a big deal to US Federal Probation Authorities? Bernard Kerik manipulated $93000.00 from me during his three year incarceration. He managed all that from prison without any apology, restitution or closure of any kind! Also unmentioned is Bernard Kerik new book “From Jailer to Jailed” slated to be published 03/31/15. It features a picture of his NYPD Commissioners badge and a very fine reproduction of his prison ID! I wonder how that is going over in the NYPD or the bureau of prisons? Violate security and law enforcement much, Bernie? Totally irresponsible and dumb exploitation!

Credit: Simon & Schuster From Jailer to Jailed Bernard Kerik www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com

The motion goes on to state Bernard Kerik’s probation officer, PO Nancy Hildner, US Probation in Newark, New Jersey “does not oppose” this request. I’d respectfully request she read this blog and think again! Are we sure Bernard Kerik wasn’t using the last 15 months to write this book “full-time”? Is Simon & Schuster advancing him nothing on this book?

Besides, let’s not forget Bernard Kerik’s reported $100,000.00 pension from the City of New York NYPD and Department of Corrections! Yes, he got paid for all those alleged trysts with his female subordinates and former publisher!

Parlatore’s bleeding heart pleading accentuates Bernard Kerik’s good will and volunteerism toward criminal justice reform. Now let me see how calling Eric Garner or Mike Brown’s black protesters “animals”, “savages” and “goblins in the night” fits into that premise?

Finally, reading between the lines of the motion and based upon past personal conversations, with Bernie Kerik apparently has been offered lucrative employment in a “partnership” with a “substantial company” outside the country in the Middle East. Could Bernie Kerik formulate a security detail including murdering cops like Darren Wilson, Daniel Pantaleo and go fight ISIS? Bernie Kerik could escape the United States, his six figure restitution, the liens on his $2 million estate and all his lies, mistresses and bad publicity for the luxury of “royal life” in the Middle East?

I, for one, certainly hope this early release of felon liar Bernard Kerik is NOT granted. In my opinion and personal experience he is flight risk, emotionally unstable, angry, unrepentant, revengeful, scheming, hiding more secrets about his money and requires more supervision, not less!

Timothy Parlatore who has been said to hide his own criminal past by changing his last name, is manipulating the facts to make Bernard Kerik look like an American Hero. Bernard Kerik is an American Zero!

American Zero Bernard Kerik www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com

What has Bernard Kerik done to deserve early termination of his supervised probation that other felons have not done? NOTHING except feed off the influence of his infamous friends, has-been media types, holster lickers, flag-wavers and others who choose to look the other way on this coward who manipulated this blogger and many more for his own selfish self-serving desires! Hey Bernie, make your full apology and restitution to me and we’ll consider you a “changed man”. Hey Bernie, get a J-O-B like the rest of us in the real world!

Here is the motion in it’s entirety for your own review:
Bernard Kerik Early Termination of Supervised Release Motion filed 020215