Felon Bernard Kerik media racist rants disappear from YouTube toprotect book sales?

January 20, 2015
Felon Bernard Kerik media racist rants disappear from YouTube to protect book sales?

Felon Bernard Kerik, disgraced corrupt former NYPD Commissioner and inmate, fancies himself as a Democrat champion of justice reform and prison rights. Bernie made a lot of coin and infamy in speeches, travel, writing and media appearances this past year re-crafting his tainted cop 9/11 image. He boasts (using a talking point I crafted for him), “no one in the history of this country with my background or success in police enforcement has been on the other side…No one has the perspective that I have right now in getting to see the system from the inside out..” (http://www.doingtimewithbernie.com/2015/01/bernard-kerik-man-on-mission-fact-check.html) That is true. However to make his point and sell his new book, Bernard Kerik must straddle an honest, politically bi-polar line between Conservative “tough cop” and “justice reform champion”. Since Bernie, himself, claims most felons suffering the “collateral consequences” are “poor black boys” from the urban streets, Bernie must convince black Americans he is authentic in his writing and deeds. Well, based upon my personal experience,  authenticity and honesty are not his strong points, Bernie gave us all whiplash when this liar, felon, fraudster recently came out masquerading as Police Commissioner Bratton on National Cable News Shows. .

In fact, in my personal experience and opinion, Bernard Kerik, despite his disclaimer and assertion his son is “half-Cuban American” Newark cop, like many cops, Bernie Kerik may be a closet racist. During most of my visits with him in Federal prison, he complained about “them” dominating the television with BET videos and basketball. Bernie complained his job in the prison library allowed him to watch more “sophisticated” programming away from “them”. Ok, so not everyone likes BET rap videos or basketball, you say?

Today is Martin Luther King Day and a federal holiday in the United States. Did anyone see our justice reform champion at any service events, on television or even post on the @BernardKerik twitter to honor Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King? Nope. I didn’t either. Certainly Dr. King would have worked for justice reform for those most adversely affected, namely, the young black men serving time in disproportionate numbers in America’s prison. I remind America, Bernard Kerik was like shit on our shoe with media appearances when it came to his recent support of cops like Eric Garner choke hold NYPD monster cop, Daniel Pantaleo and Ferguson Police Mike Brown killer, Darren Wilson.

I was shocked Bernie would not be more sympathetic to the plight of a disabled black felon Eric Garner, choked for selling loosies on the street. I posted on this blog here: “Bernard Kerik Deception Denial and his Racist Rants” http://bit.ly/1z6rqEhhttp://www.doingtimewithbernie.com/2014/11/bernard-kerik-deception-denial-and-his.html

Further evidence occurred recently from a simple post I made on Twitter. It included a link to a YouTube video of Bernard Kerik’s racist rant describing predominately black Ferguson protesters referring to them as “animals” and “savages”.

Bernard Kerik twitter @BKerikBlog www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com 
Mediaite picked up the stark, seemingly racist comments and ran with it here : Fmr. NYPD Commish: Can’t Let People Act Like ‘Savages’ and ‘Animals’ by Matt Wilstein | 12:01 pm, November 25th, 2014 http://www.mediaite.com/tv/fmr-nypd-commish-cant-let-people-act-like-savages-and-animals/

Credit Mediaite Twitter Bernard Kerik CNN animal savages www.DoingTimewithBernie.com
Credit Mediaite Bernard Kerik CNN animal savages www.DoingTimewithBernie.com
A few days after my original twitter post, this happened on YouTube. Yes, the video from the link was deleted.

Credit: YouTubeBernard Kerik  www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com
Luckily, Youtube.com truth is forever. The link still exists in the land of zero’s and one’s! See what Bernie Kerik didn’t want you to see! http://youtu.be/scoJtZzwc08

Here is the repost of my twitter @BKerikBlog with a working YouTube…
Credit Twitter @BKerikBlog www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com
It is well-known by now, with mounting legal bills, a Federal Tax Lien and a lingering 6-figure fine for his eight-time felony conviction, Bernard Kerik is desperate for money. It appears he’ll play both sides of any fence for any dollar. Bernard Kerik has a book slated to be published on March 31, 2015.  This book has been written to cater to the notion of urban youth, collateral consequences and prison reform. See my post here: “From Jailer to Jailed: How Bernard Kerik manipulated my heart soul and assets from behind Prison Walls” http://www.doingtimewithbernie.com/2014/12/from-jailer-to-jailed-how-bernard-kerik.html 

No doubt Bernie has just two months to make the appearance of his racial biases disappear. Bernie Kerik could NEVER pass the Paula Deen test! There is no media outlet or polygrapher honest enough to give Bernard Kerik the Paula Deen test. It’s going to take more than deleting a single YouTube Video or harassing/silencing my truth, Bernie. We both know that, don’t we? Bernie, Black America and I are in pain. We are NOT stupid. We all have very good memories and a YouTube account, a picket sign, a blog and, at minimum, the common sense that God gave a Billy goat to recognize a liar, fake, phony, fraudster like you!