Felon Bernard Kerik honors slain cops by inciting outrage

December 21, 2014

Felon Bernard Kerik, still on probation as a convicted felon, honors NYPD slain cops by inciting outrage on national television! Talk about fanning the flames of hate and disunity! Felons on probation  shouldn’t be allowed to do that but Bernard Kerik has always been a “special case”…

Holding fast to his dwindling fifteen minutes of fame, felon Bernard Kerik left his prison reform agenda behind to masquerade as NYPD Police Commissioner on Fox News. After the tragedy ambush slaying of two NYPD officers, Bernie called for a “day of outrage”! After defaming NYC Mayor DeBlasio asserting the embattled Mayor had “blood on his hands”, Kerik continued on with his divisive rant railing against Rev. Al Sharpton and protesters! 
Bernard Kerik was obviously pleased with the attention, for good or bad. Bernie was so wrapped up in his own spectacle he did not send any condolences to the families grieving slain officers: Ofc Rafael Ramos and Ofc Wenjian Liu. May you rest in Peace. End of Duty: December 20, 2014. 
All Lives Matter. Let’s work toward peace and justice for all.