Bernard Kerik Mourning slain NYPD Officers Ramos and Liu is all about Bernie Kerik

December 25, 2014
Bernard Kerik’s mourning slain NYPD Officers Ramos and Liu is still all about Bernie Kerik! We were all victims of Bernie Kerik’s divisive rage-filled rants on Fox News, CNN, New Day and Fox Business Cavuto. Kerik slandered NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio and said some dumb irrational statements this felon on probation may regret. This NYPD PBA Union Pat Lynch marionette, seemingly charged with hate during these televised rants (where he was mislabeled “Commissioner” and promoted his reverie shell business Bernie Kerik never once paused to actually sent his sympathies to the grieving Ramos or Liu families (during those early appearances). Bernie Kerik topped even his own selfishness by posting a self-serving early Christmas morning Instagram of the memorial for slain Officers Ramos and Liu with, of course, Bernie photobombing the beautiful memorial! (you see a man, right, which appears to be Bernard Kerik)
Credit: Twitter via Instagram @BernardKerik
On Oct 20, 2009, Judge Stephen C. Robinson of Federal District Court in White Plains, according to the New York Times, described defendant Bernard Kerik as a “toxic combination of self-minded focus and arrogance, …” Bernard Kerik hasn’t changed despite prison, public shame and his hackneyed description of his “fall from grace”. I submit Bernie Kerik knows nothing of grace.
Credit: Twitter Rest In Peace NYPD Ramos and Liu