Bernard Kerik calls Mike Brown a Big Huge Thug

December 11, 2014
Bernard Kerik calls Mike Brown a Big Huge Thug
Desperate for attention and money, felon Bernard Kerik, in Alan Colmes’ radio show referred to Ferguson deceased Mike Brown as a “big huge thug”. 
Mike Brown was one of those “black boys” about whom disgraced cop felon, Bernard Kerik, earns lucrative pay to advocate and speak. That makes Bernard Kerik a fake, phony, fraudster, hypocrite and a bigger thug than Mike Brown could ever be!
Mike Brown was a young man and someone’s son, family, neighbor and friend. Bernard Kerik’s disrespect to the deceased too soon in an especially controversial decision shows how desperate Bernard Kerik is for attention. Pathetic. 
It’s annoying when media types like Megan Kelly call Bernie “Commissioner”. Bernard Kerik disgraced the title! Can you imagine Bratton referring to Mike Brown as a “big huge thug”?
So when Bernard Kerik is out hawking his upcoming book, opining on Justice reform for the “poor black boys” who face mandatory minimums mistakes resulting in collateral consequences, please remind him of that “big huge thug”, Mike Brown!  Tell Bernard Kerik to shove his book and shut the fuck up!
We all should be concerned. Bernard Kerik is losing his deportment on-air. Is Bernard Kerik coming undone? History proves that is not followed by very good deeds on his felonious behalf…Stay Tuned and Kudos (inside joke) because Truth is Coming for Bernard Kerik et al very soon!