Joe Tacopina vs Bernard Kerik :’Joe, I didn’t mean to defame you if Idid!’

April 21, 2014
While Bernard Kerik travels the country “pounding flesh” (pun totally intended) preaching self-pity and promoting himself as the great “volunteer” prison and justice reformer, his legal problems continue to fester on the down-low (another pun totally intended).
Joe Tacopina v Bernard Kerik et al

On 04/17/14 Mr. Tacopina dismissed the defamation complaint against the New York Daily News and it’s two reporters, Nathaniel Vinton and Michael O’Keeffe, explicitly stating “but not Bernard Kerik”. 
In the usual “Better call Saul” My-friend-is-also-my-lawyer-style, this answer to Plaintiff claim was late (due 04/17/14 yet filed 04/20/14). (P.S. Joe Tacopina was also Bernie’s friend and lawyer too. How’s that working out for Bernie? Ha!)
In this less than spectacular 10-page answer, Ray Mansolillo on behalf of defendant, Bernard Kerik, denied most claims and expressed lack of evidence on others. However, the “Sixth Affirmative Defense” gave me a chuckle. Regarding “Defendants alleged statements, if any were made and were false, were muttered without malice or intent to harm the plaintiff” Hysterical! Isn’t that like saying I didn’t mean for your nose to run into my fist? 
Answer to complaint Joe Tacopina v Bernard Kerik et al

Well, A-Rod is out of the conversation now so it’s reduced to the “grudge match” of Tacopina v. Kerik. Heck yeah, it’s personal and there’s mega-money on the line!  This should be a good one, y’all! After all the defamation, financial hardship, stress and harassment Bernie et al has deliberately and maliciously perpetrated upon me and my family over the last year, I know there’s a special place reserved in Hell for 8-time convicted felon, Bernard Kerik. It is my only wish this defamation case, the resulting media frenzy and the ultimate legal and financial demise of Bernard Kerik will confirm that reservation.