Bernard Kerik: Was Bernie Kerik lying then or is he lying now? Case Chronology

April 1, 2014

Bernard Kerik: Poor Bernie Kerik is not guilty, if you ask him these days. Everyone is wrong or lying except him! So I ask,  “Was Bernie Kerik lying then or is he lying now?” 

Unemployed felon, Bernard Kerik, claims he is victim, targeted by the government and his former lawyer/friend/business partner is a liar. Instead of admitting wrongdoing (which he’s formerly plead in court, swearing under oath), Bernie is involved in four legal actions to sue his way into a possible Presidential pardon, some desperately needed cash or, perhaps, satisfy his craving for sympathy, attention and public adoration.

It started with Bernard Kerik filing a “$1 million defamation”case in Newark, New Jersey against his former friend/business partner/lawyer, Joe Tacopina. Bernie claims Joe cheated him and lied to him, contributing to poor Bernie’s demise. In other words, it’s all Joe Tacopina’s fault. How one does defame an 8-time convicted felon who plead out his charges in open Federal court, I don’t know. (Seriously?) 

Bernard Kerik v Joe Tacopina
Bernard Kerik plead GUILTY in open court in the Bronx! Here is the original documentation signed by Bernard Kerik in the original Bronx case in question:
Joe Tacopina Bernard Kerik Guilty Plea
Joe Tacopina Bernard Kerik Guilty Plea

Legal revenge was apparently not a new venture or idea of Bernie’s. I’ve known, for about three years, Bernie has had it in for Joe Tacopina as evidenced in the below-captioned emails he wrote to me while in Cumberland MD Federal Prison Camp. Here are the emails calling Joe Tacopina a liar and Bernie requesting from me some media/legal research:

Personal Email Bernard Kerik prison Personal Archives

Personal Email Bernard Kerik prison Personal Archives

In response to Bernie’s defamation case against him, Joe Tacopina, filed his own defamation suit against Bernard Kerik for $5 million, also including the New York Daily News and two alleged conspiring sports (yes, I said sports) reporters, Nathaniel Vinton and Michael O’Keeffe

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Michael Caruso, a former NYC employee and F.O.B. (Friend of Bernie) has an ongoing civil court case (since 08/07/2006) against NYC eta al, claiming he was fired over his Grand Jury testimony which some claim was favorable toward his bud, Bernie Kerik, at the time. The entire case, pretty much, goes back to about 1997 (that’s not a typo) is about a conversation over lunch at a pub. It has DiTomassos and a Rudy Guiliani cousin so it’s very messy too! Personally, I love “the messy” (inside joke for Bernie). It’s a good bet Bernard Kerik will need a new suit to testify in this upcoming jury trial. I can’t make this shit up, people!

In perhaps a related matter or in a desperate the “throw the spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks” legal theory, Bernard Kerik files a motion in his closed Federal case to have his entire file unsealed. Dumb. Just Dumb. The sound you hear is the click click click march of all the skeletons marching out of Bernard Kerik’s closet! Judd Burstein, Joe Tacopina’s lawyer, regarding this motion, was quoted in the media as this was “an act of legal hari-kari for him to want sealed records of his (Kerik) case to be released.” Mr. Burstein is probably overjoyed to have these documents at the ready for Joe Tacopina’s suit against Bernie Kerik. Talk about Bernie slicing off his nose to spite his face! 

Well, there you have it. Bernard Kerik has an opportunity to be released from prison, humbly apologize, beg forgiveness from the wife, friends, family, mistresses and country to which he lied and cheated for many years, get a job, live quietly in his outer Whitelandia Franklin Lakes NJ “estate” to live a great, authentic life. 

However, it appears he is pretty much back to where he started: Refusing to take responsibility, fight to be right, blame every one except the man in the mirror, continue to lie, lose great friends, waste lots of time and money in court and continue to drag those who care about him through the shame and the emotional humiliating mud of his unemployed, felon, pretend-to-care-about-anyone-but-himself existence.