In Remission from the toxic venom of Bernard Kerik

January 15, 2014

I am proud to announce I am in full remission from the toxicity and poison of Bernard Kerik which has consumed, attacked and overwhelmed my “well being” over the last 3 1/2 years. I’ve escaped and survived the abuse, deception and lies. 

It must suck being Bernard Kerik’s wife. Every time Hala looks into his eyes knowing he’s cheated and lied to her to this very day. Imagine googling “Bernard Kerik wife” and having pictures of multiple mistresses appear in your place. Or Bernie’s excited utterance to me that the first thing he was going to do leaving prison was get “snipped” so he could ‘play and not pay’. Bernie had quite a few young female “students” fawning over him while in prison. He once boasted to me when he got out he’d ‘do em all making up’ for all he missed while locked up. In a clandestine midnight phone call to me shortly after he was released, Bernie whined to me that everything at home had changed. His mansion was unclean and in disrepair. His daughters were no longer young and obedient , but were older, distant and “fresh”. He admitted his wife’s body had “changed”. Who knows what the hell that meant? You would think after being apart from them for three years, this monster would be overjoyed and grateful. As a mutual friend explained to me, things at home with Bernie aren’t always as pretty or perfect as one of Barry Morgenstein’s portraits

It must also suck being Bernard Kerik’s kids. For a good part of your life, your Dad either abandoned you, shamed you, embarrassed you, cheated on your Mom or a combination, therof! Those kids are all lucky to have wonderful Mothers…
It must have sucked having Bernard Kerik as a leader & commander knowing he was ejaculating into one of his rotating mistresses in a fancy warm,dry bed while you were digging the remains, bones and flesh of your partner out of a smouldering pile of terrorist-made toxic rubble. 

Bernard Kerik is a seasoned and convincing liar. He is not working for prison reform. Listen carefully and you will hear the “poor me” behind every word of that crap. Lip service is easy and profitable.

Bernie has nothing of what he boasted to me he would have by this time: no book, no speaking tour, no media consulting, no dynamic blog posts and no viable “Kerik Group” business. This is because he is unwilling to take responsibility and acknowledge his wrongdoing and crimes. It’s scary Bernie believes he’s still the “Commissioner” and pretends the “felon” label will be forgotten.

I owe Judge Robinson a huge apology. Your honor, you were right about Bernard  Kerik and his “self-minded arrogance”. You gave him an opportunity to change. I regret to inform you, Judge, he has squandered it. I remain very sad at the waste of a potentially great human being; the abandoned baby of modest means born in Newark, NJ…

Where would Bernard Kerik be if he couldn’t rely on his friends all the time to be “made”? If he had to get a job, as a convicted felon, on his own merits, he’d be humbled! Today he resorts to “the tequila selfie fool”, Geraldo Rivera, to carry his water before attorney Joe Tacopina on a fledgling morning local radio show. I suppose those who actually have a viable case would leave it to court and shut the hell up!

Bernie Kerik really has no moral compass. I almost feel sorry for his pathetic ass – almost…This is so very sad. This could have been the come-back story of the decade. Bernard Kerik just hasn’t worked it. He is absent the moral fiber, willingness, acknowledgement to change and humility to render himself from evil…

The venom of Bernard Kerik robbed me of the joy of life. The energy and time it takes to combat the daily cyberbullying, abuse and threats from that felon and his evil thugs is costing me the balance in my life. I must return with full attention to those who genuinely love and care for me. I need to return to laughing, exhaling, fulfilling work, new adventures and walking in the sunshine. I know he will attempt to slander my character and reputation. I say to seriously contemplate the source. Those who love me, know me. I am a precious child of God, so bring it! 

I wanted to share my story to expose Bernie Kerik and caution even imprisonment hasn’t change anything but his body weight. I wanted everyone to know he groomed and manipulated me in the most intentional and cruel way at a cost of not only $93,000 but also destroying my once kind, pure, sweet altruistic heart, soul and trust in others. I take full responsibility for my bad judgement and paying the high price. The lessons are my reward.

My book is finished, however I’ve been advised ‘no one really cares about Bernard Kerik’ anymore. This project’s publication waits for a better time. Perhaps the story is not over. I’m stubborn on the concepts of forgiveness and the anticipation of his amends to me. Maybe we’ll sell it as an e-book when he returns to prison. 

Until then, the authorities have charge and watch over the 8-time-convicted-felon, Bernard Kerik, and his evil thug associates. My criminal/civil cases against Bernard Kerik and friends evolve with the daily energy of current events as I write….

I’m not running away. Rather, I’m graciously advancing on a life rich in honesty, genuine souls, everyday challenges and sweeter air! I’m not surrendering to the threats of Bernard Kerik. Bernard Kerik did almost destroy my life as he had threatened back in July, 2013. God has a way of balancing the scales. My trust is in Him. He led me to it and He brought me through it. 

I should thank Bernie. We all have that one miserable truly evil bastard in our lives who teaches us the hardest lessons.

Good everything and God Bless…

In Dignity, Strength, Courage, Faith and Love….


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