Bernard Kerik accuses attorney Joe Tacopina of fraud, deceit,misrepresentation and legal abuses; Some Back-story….

December 29, 2013
In my post-Kerik life, I’ve learned there are certain patterns of energy I must accept as punishment for my poor judgement of ever trusting and loving Bernie Kerik. One such pattern is the sudden burst of abuse and cyber-bullying just before Bernard Kerik is about to impose himself on the world. This past Friday was no exception to that so I knew something was about to “drop”….

I have some insight into the NY Daily News article, published 12/28/13.  
“Bernard Kerik, the disgraced former NYPD Commissioner, accuses attorney Joe Tacopina of fraud, deceit, misrepresentation and list of other legal abuses …Kerik files complaint before the disciplinary committee of the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division for the First Judicial Department. 
Tacopina adamantly denies going rogue on his client”

Bernie Kerik has had it in for Joe Tacopina for a long time. I know because I’m the one who began the legal research for Bernie and Ray Mansolillo (the “Better Call Saul” in the real world) back in 2011. From Federal prison in Cumberland, MD, Bernard Kerik emailed me requesting specific media reporting regarding Joe Tacopina’s testimony to the Feds.

Bernard Kerik Prison email to me re: Joe Tacopina

Bernard Kerik Prison email to me re: Joe Tacopina

Bernie is always looking for a deal or easy money. How did that work out for him though?
Bernie and Joe Tacopina were close friends and business partners, first. Later, Joe Tacopina became his “lawyer”. Most lawyers might stay away from that relationship combination.

Here are some other interesting thoughts:

I was shocked when Bernie admitted to me that he had neither a retainer placed with Joe Tacopina nor a customary written retainer agreement for Tacopina to represent him. I found this odd given the severity of Federal charges against Bernie. It’s sad to think Bernie’s arrogance could have vaulted him into thinking the Feds weren’t serious and charges were frivolous. Again, how’d that work out for him?

Proof of their close friendship and twisted money dealings were disclosed in this NY Daily News article from 2008:

Kerik and Tacopina were once  so friendly that, according to Connolly, “the feds allegedly came across a $25,000 payment that Kerik made to a BMW dealer so that Tacopina could trade in his car for a newer model.” Tacopina, who has not been charged with any crime, has provided testimony to federal prosecutors who have alleged that Kerik lied to Tacopina about certain facts surrounding his plea deal. Under the federal Crime Fraud Exception rule, a lawyer can reveal his conversation with a client to authorities if it later turns out that the discussion helped the client commit a criminal or fraudulent act.” (May 29.2008)

Further proof came in another article in Vanity Fair later that year.
Vanity Fair “FALL FROM GRACE; The Follieri Charade”

“Now, in search of a white knight, Follieri turned to Joe Tacopina, a well-known criminal-defense lawyer who counted ex-New York police commissioner Bernie Kerik among his clients. (This was in the halycon days before Tacopina chose to testify about Kerik to prosecutors.) Tacopina mentioned to Kerik that he had a new client, Follieri, who was in need of an investment partner with $100 million to spare. Kerik found one: Plainfield Asset Management, a hedge-fund sponsor in Greenwich, Connecticut.

The initial plan was for the two men – Kerik and Tacopina – to share a finder’s fee of $1.5 million from Follieri, and perhaps split an additional fee from Plainfield. But those plans soon went awry. On October 5, 2007, Tacopina signed an agreement with the Follieri Group to receive $2.5 million as a finder’s fee for himself alone. Correspondence provided to Vanity Fair shows Kerik was in the dark about the terms of the deal for weeks afterward, asking Tacopina – his lawyer, after all – not to let Follieri double-cross him by denying him his half of the finder’s fee.”

This following was Joe Tacopina’s reply to all of these shenanigans back in 2009:

“The government’s interest in Mr. Tacopina has fueled chatter throughout legal circles about Mr. Tacopina’s motives for meeting with federal prosecutors.
In court documents filed in September, Mr. Kerik’s new lawyer, Barry H. Berke, questioned why Mr. Tacopina met with prosecutors without the compulsion of a grand-jury subpoena, why he brought a lawyer to represent him, whether he violated attorney-client privilege and whether the government induced him to speak with “any threats, promises or other actions.”

Mr. Berke and Mr. Kerik declined to comment for this article, as did Mr. Lynch, the police union president.

Mr. Tacopina said that he did not discuss any privileged information with federal prosecutors and that his meeting with them was not voluntary.
“It’s tough personally because, obviously, I certainly like Bernie,” he said. “That was a difficult situation to be put in where you can’t represent someone, but the law’s the law.”

So let me get this straight. A felon who pleads to and served time for lying to his country and non-payment of taxes is going to prove a case of fraud, deceit, misrepresentation and abuse. Well, if anyone is an expert on those topics, that would be Kerik. I have personal experience in that attestation.

Bernie Kerik craves sex, money and attention. There’s no book. There’s no speaking tour. There’s no legitimate company to run. Bernard Kerik has a very high lifestyle to support. Bernard Kerik desperately needs money. Joe Tacopina has deep pockets and remains a bonefide media magnet.  This new legal action may pave the way for a civil lawsuit or maybe even a Presidential Pardon! Why should an 8-time-convicted-felon get a job when there is still a chance for some easy money and fame?  I’d say Bernie Kerik is in for “Dire Straits”. Remember “money for nothing and chicks for free”.  

Get the popcorn and the comfy couch. This one’s going to be good!