Bernard Kerik: Void of Amends or Apology…..

November 10, 2013

To be heard and understood….

I have yet to receive any amends, restitution or apology from Bernard Kerik. Believe me, I’m not holding my breath. Bernie Kerik has shown me who he is and I believe him…One of the reasons I supported Bernie while incarcerated, when many from his life turned and ran in the other direction, is because I was sympathetic to the condition of being left alone and deserted by those who once claimed loyalty, love and devotion…. Let’s just say I can relate…

It’s been surreal experiencing the reaction to my blog.  My writing began as a therapeutic healing and distraction from all daily threats, pain, loss, cyber-bullying and destruction in my life as Bernie and evil-doer associates allegedly set out to “destroy my life”.

However, to be heard and understood by complete strangers is healing. I am grateful…

Here are just a few links from those who cared enough to respond to my  blog recently: Published 10/20/13 Published 10/20/13

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