Bernard Kerik, Cyberbullying, the Kerik Group & Writing a Book: Hiatus from Destruction

October 28, 2013 is taking a short hiatus to write a book, tend to pending civil litigation as well as vigorously pursue and participate in a well-documented Cyberbullying criminal investigation/prosecution. The alleged Cyberbullying referenced here hurt me, my sister, my friends, my innocent twitter followers and even total strangers. It shall not stand! This holds potential serious consequences to the accused, one of whom is currently serving a three-year Federal supervised probation. I’ll keep you up-to-date of any developments I am permitted to divulge. My accusers will have you believe I’ve been silenced. I promised many of you that would never happen! It’s not my style nor do they have enough genuine power, money or authority to do so!

Bernard Kerik has announced the re-opening of “The Kerik Group”. From emails and personal discussion I had with Bernie while he was still in prison, this was his final “plan D” choice.  He even asked me to offer new business titles other than “The Kerik Group” because that business had so much bad press, liens and bad finances attached to it. The new website for the old name, , shows pictures of Bernie with President Bush and Rudy Giuliani which may insinuate an implied endorsement or association with The Kerik Group. This is almost embarrassingly pathetic. Rudy Giuliani has not spoken to Bernie for years. Bernard Kerik plead to and served a 4-year sentence followed by a current 3 years supervised probation for lying to the White House and the Bush Administration on his Homeland Security application. Does anyone really believe Bush or Giuliani endorse or do business with The Kerik Group? The phone number contact is a personal iPhone. There is no business address listed, no client references, no bond or insurance information. Bernard Kerik is a convicted felon on probation whose crimes involve non-payment of taxes, lying on a federal job application and cheating his country and Federal government out of due taxes. It wasn’t a simple “nanny problem” as he likes to assert. He may not purchase or carry a weapon, take an official oath, accept a government contract, hold official office/title or wear a badge. That circumstance doesn’t logically or realistically lead to being the first choice to provide global security where trust, ethics, financial integrity and allegiance are required.

Bernie is also offering speaking services highlighting his unique diametrically opposed roles of felon and past Commissioner. That was one of my many ideas and talking points I provided Bernie during our working relationship. You’re welcome. I’ll take that credit since he isn’t man enough or decent enough to offer it.

Bernard Kerik should work and do something constructive with his life to repay his great debt to society.  I believe in rehabilitation. However, it isn’t genuine or believable without admitting wrongdoing, amends and denounce past criminal and deceptive practices. The cornerstone of “Criminal Justice Reform” has its foundation in respect and honor for Country, Society and Law. Sadly, utilization of the old name, “The Kerik Group” reminds us of a time of past wrongdoing. Nothing has changed.

Despite what you may assume, I wish Bernie and his thug friends much success in their “old” endeavor. I allege Bernie owes me about $93,000. We will need assets to attach if we succeeded in court judgments and/or restitution. The accused claim they have no money, at least in “legitimate” areas of holding routinely audited by government. Neither Bernie nor his wife has worked for years. Now there’s money for a $2 million dollar estate and a new business? I guess crime really does pay?

My attorneys ask me what I want:
  • ·        A permanent No-Contact Order protecting me, my family, residence and barring all communication, especially social media from the accused.
  • ·        A successful prosecution against the accused for the intentional harms they have caused.
  • ·        A hand-written apology on yellow-lined paper.
  • ·        Restitution reimbursement of expenses, goods and services allegedly manipulated $93,000 cash or certified bank check only.
  • ·       While serving a federal prison sentence, Bernard Kerik was still deceiving, lying, game playing and cheating. He had an opportunity to make amends and indignantly passed on that valuable opportunity with alleged malevolent intent. He is still hurting, using and abusing those who loved, cared and supported him in his time of great need.   All the of late patronizing, overdone, flag-waving, military hero worship, charity and “Page Six exclusives” will never change the lack of integrity, morals or decency.

Finally, I am writing a book that will companion this blog. I’ve been gratified and humbled by the interest in this project. Writing is therapeutic and sales will certainly assist me rebuilding the financial loss I’ve suffered over the past few months. It not what I set out to accomplish in my intimate relationship with Bernie but God does work in mysterious ways. I trust Him.

Get the popcorn and a comfy couch because I will tell all! It will include all of Bernie’s original hand-written letters, emails, and phone call logs during our intimate relationship in prison. Everyone will finally know the truth. Bernard Kerik has recently insinuated, publicly, I have lied. The original documents published in this book will determine who the liar is. He has a head start on all of us in that path, in my personal experience!

Here are some of the working chapter titles:

“50 Shades of Bernie/Don’t Tell Hala” (Handwritten Letters from Bernie to me that’ll make a porn king blush)

“Shit Bernie Said” (re:Allen West, Giuliani, King, Christie, Booker, Manzo, Judith, Jeannette, Jacqueline, Hala and the Ex’s”

“Cyberbullying 101 B & J”

“Bernie’s Sloppy Seconds: Why do they all look like his Mommy?”

“Daddy & Daughters: the Deserted, the Rescued & the long term thing”

“Losing the moustache; Love those Beards”

“Reality shows” or Reality “shows”; Big time public figures friends who won’t admit, in public, they know Bernie”

The sad truth and punch line may be that no one may even care about Bernard Kerik anymore. Did anyone ever consider that possibility?

Rebuilding one’s life is a daily process. It takes a lot of tears, rigorously honest soul searching, torrid emotions and plain hard work….

During hiatus, although not posting, my blog will remain active, monitored by me and my legal team. I invite your comments…It is also my primary media inquiry contact for the near future.

Thank you all for your support and prayers. We will see each other again soon. -God Bless